Welcome to Go Native Landscaping!

Go Native Landscaping is dedicated to creating native Florida landscapes that are not only beautiful but provide essential habitat for wildlife. Our organic landscapes are truly lagoon friendly, absorbing and filtering runoff not contributing to it. By eliminating pesticides and fertilizers, the pollutants that runoff lawns and pollute our watershed, we can all help save the Indian River Lagoon. Once established native landscapes require much less water and resources to maintain them saving you money while providing an endless supply of food, and shelter for our local wildlife.

Our team members are native plant experts and are here to educate you about your existing landscape and help guide you becoming lagoon friendly.

Our Native Organic Landscapes

  • Are economical reducing the need for fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation
  • Promote and support biodiversity for birds, butterflies and pollinators
  • Take advantage of beautiful native species that are adapted to Florida’s climate

We offer the following services:

Landscape consultation and site visits
Landscape design
Delivery and installation
Monthly maintenance
Installation of walkways, paths and arbors
Advice on native plant selection for your existing landscape

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